Hi , I am Naama, a Jewellery Designer with a hearing impairment.

I have a studio in Jaffa - Tel Aviv, where I conduct workshops and design jewellery.


I was born with a hearing problem but I grew up in a hearing environment, so sign language wasn’t a big part of my life growing up.


A few years ago I decided to undergo cochlear implant surgery. Interestingly, the journey toward hearing improvement brought me back to the deaf world, as I got to know many deaf people and immersed myself in deaf culture.


Being deaf became part of my identity.


Following this renewed acquaintance with the deaf world, I was looking for an attractive and interesting way to bring representation to deaf culture.


I began creating  jewellery in sign language, and the response was amazing.


After three years making sign language jewellery and after receiving so many requests to grow our line, I decided to establish a new Brand with American Sign Language at its core.


At Simanim we design a wide range of products from jewellery to homeware paying tribute to American Sign Language.

Our hope is that these designs will draw attention and create dialogue around sign language, an expressive language with depth and beauty.

We’ve devoted a lot of thought and effort into our brand, so you can enjoy items with added social value that you love to use.


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